meet elizabeth!


Elizabeth first started on Instagram in 2017 as an artistic outlet as she stayed at home with my babies! She quickly became fascinated with the nerdier side of things and started listening to hours of podcasts, reading thousands of pages of forums, taking courses from experts in the field, and A/B testing like crazy!

Elizabeth started taking clients and teaching them how to grow their own pages in 2019. She quickly fell in love with the work of making something easy for people, when it had been a challenge before.

In these behind-the-scenes meetings, Elizabeth started hearing more and more about agencies claiming to be social media gurus taking small business money but not giving any results. So many agents had never grown a platform and didn’t know what it took to do it properly.

Next Level

How Dura was Born

Ashley and Elizabeth started to meet for coffee and talk about the podcasts they were listening to in 2018. They shared the continuing education tidbits that helped them most.

They both kept saying they wished there was a way to work together since they loved talking about social media so much. We both wanted to be able to work from home.

Elizabeth started to take on consulting clients. At the end of consulting sessions, many clients wished aloud that I would be able to just do their social media for them. Since Elizabeth trusted Ashley she kept asking Ashley if she could take on any more clients, but Ashley’s schedule was full.

Lightbulb moment!!!!

After one of these meetings, Elizabeth called Ashley with a plan! What if they added Elizabeth’s friend Kathryn to the mix. They could train Kathryn to join them and each would take different roles of the work, which would allow them to take on more clients. The added benefit would be none of them would have to work alone and no one would be overwhelmed!!

Elizabeth trained Kathryn to do the posting and sharing. Ashley trained her to design. Elizabeth initially did most of the copywriting, but slowly started passing off pieces of that to Kathryn (who was also a talented writer). Ashley did all the communications, and gathered the data!

meet ashley!


Ashley is the main voice of the social media management portion of what we do at Dura Exchange.

Ashley graduated with a Bachelors and Masters in business. After a few years in the corporate world, she decided to stay home with her babies and branch out into freelance content management and SEO strategy. She continued to learn the ever-evolving digital marketing industry, taking on roles as a Pinterest strategist, email campaign marketer, social media manager, and partnership coordinator.

She used her ability to see patterns in numbers to help manage and grow major brands and blogs over the last 5 years. She is constantly following the newest trends and information in a field that changes weekly!

Ashley excels at studying analytics and turning them into action points. She is the designer for all the pretty graphics coming out of our business, and the friendly voice in client communication.

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meet kathryn


Kathryn lives in the panhandle of Oklahoma with her husband and little daughter. She is an author with a passion for telling stories. She has been writing and building a collection of books since high school and was ready to tackle a new challenge!

She quickly adapted to the world of social media and loves posting and engaging with communities. She has also been trained as a hashtag curator and assists with writing copy. She takes your words and personality and infuses them into your captions and comments, so no one will guess that you weren’t the one to write it.

Kathryn is also training as a graphic designer for story templates, and helps roll out your life in 15-second clips!

we believe in…


See Others

Most people think more about their own life than the lives of others. Our goal in entering social media is to see people rather than be seen.


Find real people

Anyone can buy followers. Our goal is to help you find these real people, see them, and meet their needs. This makes them come back to you for more in the future.


meet Needs

We both want to meet your needs, and then help you create content that meets the need of your clients!