Optimize your Home Page

When you optimize your home page, you are preparing your feed for growth. Optimizing your bio and username doesn’t automatically mean you will grow, but it does make you more searchable, and can help people quickly make the decision if they want to follow you or not!

People decided in seven seconds after clicking on your page if they want to follow you or not. Your job is to not draw in everyone but to attract your right client and cause them to want to follow you and to understand how you can help them.

Write a Searchable Bio

Both your user name and the name you have in bold in your bio are searchable. If you make them the same thing you are wasting searchable space. Instead of saying the same name twice try using your business name for the username, then a tag line or your personal name for the “username in bold”. If there is space, adding the location can allow local people to find you more easily. For instance, my username is “sunshineinmynest” my name in bold is Elizabeth Santelmann (geography pin) OKC. This allows people to find me when searching any of the following

  • Elizabeth Santelman
  • OKC
  • Sunshineinmynest
  • Santelmann (since it isn’t a common last name.

If I had just used sunshineinmynest for both I would only be searchable by that name.

What to use as your Profile Photo

A lot of people error in using their business logo as their profile photo. I do get it. Making people familiar with your brand is really important, and odds are you paid a lot for that logo, however, logos come off as cooperating. With buying trends moving toward shopping small, if you are small you want to maximize on that as much as possible. This really is an important, non-negotiable point. Even large companies have created personal profiles for the people replying to comments and serving their customers. You get ahead of all of them by showing up as yourself!!

When you have set your profile to be your own face commenting on other people’s accounts will be personally reaching out rather than feeling like a chain email, or nameless, faceless cooperation. Creating personal interactions is the first step of showing up for people rather than just in front of them. When you comment or like a new person’s photo it feels more genuine and personal. Coming to a social platform to see other people, more than begging people to look at you is always going to go further!

Craft the Bio

Bio layout tends to change formats in popularity. The best practice is to see what other people in your field are using and try to use a similar format.

  • It maybe paragraph of text?
  • More rare, but sometimes it’s a quote?
  • At the time of this writing the most popular format is 4/5 bullet points with the services you offer, or what people can expect to see in your content.

The important thing is when you post to stick to the content you have established in your bio. If your feed says it’s going to be about real estate, don’t launch off into the best travel destinations on a random post. Showing up with your real-life is very beneficial, so if you went on a trip, by all means, share about it, but maybe in stories, and ALWAYS make that post about you and getting in the context of the business. All the posts should feel connected and like a story.

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