Social Media Trends for 2022

What has Changed Since 2019?

I want to update you on the social media trends for 2022. Since the classes I taught in 2019, there have been huge changes in trends. When we talked last I was recommended a subscription to People map and mining and grinding through that platform. But the best practices for how to grow have changed. Instagram changed the way the IP works, so using bots, or the growth software I recommended is now People Map obsolete. Instagram has made it impossible for People map to access the data on Instagram, so they can no longer pull your metrics.

  • TikTok also entered the scene changing the social media power dynamic. Instagram/Facebook are scrambling to mitigate the damage by introducing Reels and incentivizing those. Instagram has even started paying creators to creat the kinds of content they are wanting on the platform.
  • On Instagram stories have become not just an add-on but arguably even more important than your posts.
  • Pinterest jumped on board with their own form of stories in “Idea Pins”.

Everything is changing and if you are just starting out THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Whenever there is a new platform or a pivot in the platform it gives new and smaller accounts the ability to grow faster by adapting to the new strategy! So your time to grow is NOW!!

How to adjust your strategy!

A huge way to grow right now is using Instagram reels. I’m going to give you a quick rundown on how to have your best shot at this. TikTok is already becoming pretty saturated with this short-form content, so getting views is harder. Instagram is struggling to keep up, so they are promoting that kind of content and making it easier to find!

Here is a great way to get started at making your own Instagram Reels!

  1. Watch 10-20 reels and see what is trending in your niche.
  2. Check the bottom left for a little arrow. The sounds that have the arrow are trending.
  3. Click that and you will see the ability to save that sound, or you can try to use the audio right away.
  4. You can record direction from the reel button, or select photos and videos upload them to the sound.

The key with Reels is not to overthink it. Dive in and get your feet wet! Thankfully low production value does really well! Of course, you will see high production videos too, but those aren’t always the most popular ones. The other thing that can be really helpful is watching TikTok and then making popular videos there into videos for your Instagram account.

Tiktok is always a week or two ahead of the trends, so finding new reels there and being an early adapter on Instagram will really help with your views!

Be the first

The key is to use these new tools first. People creating in the app for a long time struggle to pivot. You have the upper hand because you can hop in, see what’s working, and get right to it.

  • On Instagram this looks like making reels more than static content.
  • On Pinterest this looks like embracing Idea Pins, and increasing your traffic.
  • You could also hop on TikTok where the comeptition is a little lower.

The Awesome thing about the Changes!!

Since all these platforms are trying to emulate one another cross-posting is fairly easy. That means you can create one piece of content, and post to multiple platforms with minimal effort!

  • Try turning a Reel into a Tiktok
  • Try turning stories into a Idea Pin
  • Try turning a blog post into a stories series
  • Try turning a stories series into graphics in a static post.

The combinations are ENDLESS! The most important thing is to have fun with it. Try new things, shake it up, and you’ll find yourself leading the pack!

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